Is your team
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Who's The Driver Anyway? is for leaders who want to build transparent and collaborative teams.

Who’s The Driver Anyway? is a powerful book and training program that gets teams delivering on-time, on-spec results.

Based on five years of in-field research, leadership expert and author John Kuypers pinpoints the powerful conclusion that the best way to align teams quickly is to make a transparent and collaborative shift in who gets to decide.

Using example after example, Who’s The Driver Anyway? shows you exactly how business owners, managers, directors, vice-presidents and CEO’s realize their greatest opportunity to get better results is to intentionally change how they share decision-making authority with others.

“…very simple and easy to use tools that work in harmony to diagnose problems and make the positive change to a culture of high-performance collaboration. Great stuff!”
Jim Jonkman, VP Operations, Etymonic Engineering, makers of AudioScan Hearing Aid Intrumentation


Your business culture is merely the norm for who gets to decide. Top-down decision-making is dying and collaboration is the future for leaders who want to build high-functioning teams.  This book gets you there faster. 

Using a metaphor of a driver and a passenger,Who’s The Driver Anyway? clarifies that while only one person can be the driver, either can be the decision-maker – just like driving a real car. This is exactly what causes all leadership headaches.

Who’s The Driver Anyway? offers a three step method – Rift – Shift – Lift – that helps everyone shift who gets to decide so that work gets differently – on-time and on-spec!  Everyone on the team learns the language and gains the skills to pinpoint exactly why important work is either stuck or in conflict – and what to do about it! When you get clear about how drivers and passengers share decision-making power, you get immediate and better results.  Also look for John Kuypers’ acclaimed process for aligning team roles and responsibilities: 

Read why these executives highly value this book:

“John Kuypers has written a book which deals with a vexing issue managers struggle with and which gets in the way of not only their performance but of the entire organization. Most fail to see that the root cause of their struggles is often a lack of understanding of the organizational culture. John’s book helps managers think through the vital question: Who should make the decision? What is my role? Where should my authority begin and end? What is the culture here? Are we team based, consensus driven, or are we a group of entrepreneurs, loosely collaborating? The driver/passenger analogy John uses clarifies the various relationships which are possible and gives the reader much room for personal reflection. Who’s The Driver Anyway? gives managers some great tools to enhance both their own and their organization’s performance!”
Malcolm Hopkins, VP Corporate Services, St. Thomas-Elgin General Hospital, Ontario, Canada


“I was impressed with the Who’s The Driver Anyway? program. My team runs complex, client-driven marketing programs and they all need to be on the same page to get things done right and done on time. The workshop gave us new language with which to communicate clearly and reliably about who’s doing what. The driver-passenger language was easy to grasp and everyone rated the experience highly. Most importantly, people are using The 7 Performance Drivers tool in day-to-day discussions. I also like how it gave me a means to create the kind of team culture I wanted to have in our business to be productive and effective. I highly recommend it!”
Cam Thomson, Senior VP, Carlson Marketing Canada

“Who’s The Driver Anyway? has helped me to resolve situations that I know need to be resolved with my staff. The 7 Performance Drivers tool gives me a visual way in which to have an honest, objective discussion, particularly when they come to me with problems, not solutions. This great tool ensures that they walk away owning their share of the responsibility for getting the work done.”
Kelly Hoey, Executive Director, Halton Industry Education Council (HIEC)

Who’s The Driver Anyway? is really quite a tool bag – maybe more of a chest of tools – really it’s a full workshop! I didn’t expect that it would be so comprehensive. It makes a strong case for why “command and control” won’t work anymore and why business needs to shift to a culture of collaboration. That message instantly resonates in today’s business world but up until this book, there haven’t been any tools to make it happen – or understand why it’s a lot harder than it sounds. The driver/passenger model of collaboration is a breakthrough! It is very intuitive and the overlying concept of Near/Far explains behaviours that we have all seen. All the tools are so easy to remember – Rift/Shift/Lift, the Expectations Pyramid, Time Frame, HURD, WIN, and the dreaded “opposite effect”. It sounds like alphabet soup but they are all very simple and easy to use tools that work in harmony to diagnose problems and make the positive change to a culture of high-performance collaboration. Great stuff!”
Jim Jonkman, VP Operations, Etymonic Design Inc, makers of AudioScan  Hearing Aid Instrumentation


Your team’s culture and performance are defined by who gets to decide. If you want real change that isn’t smoke and mirrors, you need to change who’s the driver!

Once you read about the Who’s The Driver Anyway? leadership method, you will want your whole team in on it. Fortunately, you can.  You can  introduce it to your team with a keynote, a workshop series or executive coaching.

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You can learn more about author John Kuypers’ work at Performance Shift Consulting.